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After three years of laborious work and writing and rewriting words, sections, chapters and entire sets of pages of work, I published my debut novel, Just Perfect, in December 2014. Just Perfect finds its roots in the difficult times I have gone through. Feeling the need to help others through the sharing of my personal struggles – experienced by so many others as well – I believe it would be incredible to share my work with the largest audience possible. 

The novel tells the story about Christina, a sixteen-year-old girl who becomes bullied at school. Gradually, she finds herself sinking away into the bottomless pit of a depression and eating disorder, haunted by her troubled thoughts and experiences and striving for acceptance. 

Fate was never easy on her, having given her an appearance far from desirable and a family situation far from the norm, but when she is forced to face it all on her own, forced to battle her inner demons, she knows she needs to give all she's got to fight her way back to the surface and get her life back on track.

Hanne's novel is definitely not a fairy tale or your typical happily-ever-after novel. It helped me understand more about the terrible things that people go through, as well as how people's minds can turn inexplicably against themselves."

Valerie Flokstra, reviewer at jaBlog

Just Perfect - young adult fiction (fictional memoir) about bullying, anorexia, eating disorders, depression and mental illness and mental health
Proud author Hanne Arts posing with her debut novel Just Perfect
Just Perfect - young adult book about mental health and eating disorders
Readers' favorite five star eating disorder book

"An enthralling read, written with tenderness for growing ups and recommended for all those who want to understand how it is to be - temporarily - affected by mental health sufferings."

Veronique De Roeck, Psychologist, Lecturer Psychopathology, Research Associate Milestone-Transition Study

"A charming and intriguing story, written with a finesse and maturity of style that would flatter an author of far more seasoned years."
John Yeoman, Author, The Hog Lane Murders

"This book is a must read for teens. I think a lot of times teens feel like they are alone in how they are feeling when really most teens share their feelings. I definitely recommend this book."
Christy, Blogger, Christy's Cozy Corners

eating disorder book reader reviews
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