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Kickstart Recovery Masterclass

Imagine what life would be like..

  • Discovering freedom from calorie counting and body checking

  • Listening to your cravings and intuition

  • Trusting your internal hunger cues

  • Eating without anxiety or guilt

  • Feeling at peace with your body and mind

  • Getting back your period, restoring your weight, hormonal, metabolic and mental/physical health.

  • Creating meaning and purpose beyond the eating disorder

  • Aligning your life with your values

  • Reintegrating gentle movement and normalising your relationship with exercise

  • Nourishing your body and your mind

  • Focusing on the things that truly matter in your life!

The skills regarding challenging automatic negative thoughts were particularly useful for me. I find the negative voices and thoughts to be one of the hardest things to overcome in recovery, and the practical information and advice from the masterclass have made it easier and more manageable for me to do. Another area was the section regarding weight gain and hunger, as it's a huge trigger point for me. Understanding and accepting the need to gain weight along with the complications of refeeding syndrome, and the physical and mental changes and necessities that occur during this process and period of time, made me feel more reassured and determined to continue my recovery journey.


Overall I found the 21-Day masterclass to be extremely beneficial and helpful for me in my recovery journey. My parents have also been equally impressed with the information provided and have been able to learn and understand a lot more about the recovery process from an Eating Disorder - S.H., SG

The 3-Week masterclass includes...

  • 3 intensive weeks worth of recovery content to kickstart your recovery (including 33 sections!)

  • Reflections, exercises, and quizzes after each topic to teach you invaluable recovery skills

  • A combination of written and video content, with helpful handouts and exercises to teach you how to approach recovery step by step, and to put your learning into action

  • Case examples of individuals I have worked with in the past

  • Section summaries and downloadable PDF files

  • Recovery tools and techniques based on evidence

  • BONUS discounts on 1:1 coaching and additional support

  • Lifetime access to the private portal where you can find all the lessons, tools, and handouts

I just finished the 3 week masterclass; it is fantastic!! It has really helped me understand and realise how much the ed was holding me back in life and the incredibly massive effect it has had. I couldn't believe how many ed thoughts I really had and how engrained they are until now! The journalling and worksheets have all been very thought provoking and engaging, allowing me to help reframe my thoughts and understand the thinking a little more.


A lot of the worksheets - especially the cognitive reconstructing and the 'the eating disorder tells me... and recovery requires me to...' have been very engaging and helpful especially on reflection. Even just the identification sheets and stages are really thought provoking. And the week 3 food advice has helped me feel less alone and ensured me of doing the right thing. This resource is incredible and I think would be helpful for anyone in their recovery journey. Thank you! - C.C., UK

My philosophy

  • You cannot judge someone's health based on their appearance

  • Merely 'managing' the eating disorder behaviors is not the same as fully letting go

  • Recovery isn't about 'what you are recovering from' as much as it is about 'what you are recovering to'

  • Recovery is not just about gaining weight and overcoming fear foods, but about recovering your relationship with life and your place in it

  • Recovery is a journey. And that is okay, so long as steps are continually being reflected on, revised, and followed through with

  • Recovery means letting go of a mechanism that has served a purpose and helped you in some way, to make room for other more adaptive mechanisms to take its place

  • Recovery looks different for everyone, and everyone's journey will follow a different path

  • As a recovery coach I am a guide, while you are and always will be the expert of your own body and your own mind. You ultimately choose your own path. As your guide, I will support and nudge you, I will provide you with options and reflections, and I will help you access your own motivations. However, it is up to you to follow through, and to put into practice everything that we discuss in the sessions

  • Full recovery is possible

  • Full recovery will likely be the hardest thing you ever do. But also the thing you will never regret doing

What you will learn

  • How to start your recovery from an eating disorder, step-by-step

  • How to break through limiting beliefs

  • How to challenge disordered thoughts

  • How to build self-efficacy and maintain motivation

  • What you need to know and do for physical and mental recovery

  • How to start the refeeding process (and prevent refeeding syndrome)

  • How to restore hunger and fulness cues and speed up your metabolism

  • How to break free from food obsession and guilt

  • How to restore your hormones and your weight

  • How to kickstart your food freedom journey!

Eating disorder recovery coaching and online program

This masterclass is for you if

  • You are ready and motivated to leave the eating disorder behind!

  • You are committed to put in the necessary work

  • You want to learn more about achieving a sufficient, regular food routine

  • You need guidance to eat more, and/or to decide on your meals and snacks

  • You want to expand your horizons beyond a small pool of safe foods, and you want to overcome fear foods and food rules

  • You want to find peace with food and your body once again

  • You want to increase your metabolism, restore your hormones, and reverse the effects of starvation

  • You are ready to stop suppressing your weight

  • You want to eat intuitively again

  • You want to restore your health and start to live fully

eating disorder recovery

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