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1:1 ED Recovery Coaching

Are you tired of...

  • Never feeling satiated?

  • Always craving the 'wrong' foods?

  • Being unable to trust your intuition and your hunger-fulness cues?

  • Struggling with low mood and food obsession?

  • Experiencing bodily discomfort and physical ailments?

  • Feeling judged for your food choices, uncertain about how to navigate the food-space?

  • Feeling exhausted and a slave to the disordered thoughts?

  • Forcing yourself to go to the gym daily?

  • Cutting out increasingly more foods?

  • Losing your libido, your hair, your concentration, and your drive?

  • Having tried everything, but nothing working?

Let me show you that there is another way! A way to...

  • Increase your metabolism

  • Get your period back

  • Reach and maintain a healthy weight without feeling deprived

  • Reprogram and rewire your beliefs about food and yourself

  • Find enjoyment in exercise again

  • Prioritize your life and enjoyment over the number on the scale

  • Work with your body rather than against it

  • Re-regulate your hunger-fulness cues and feel satisfied on 'normal' quantities of food

  • Eat freely while healing your gut and digestion

  • Find balance and purpose in your life in a way that is unique to you and sustainable

At first, I wasn't sure if Hanne could help me. Also because she is younger than me ;). So far, I walk out of the session every time feeling empowered. Hanne is not only empathic and listens when I talk (even when I talk a lot and when I'm slightly confused); she grasps things quickly and focuses on solutions. She makes you see the positive in all the difficulties and helps you start exactly there to become healthier and happier. Every week she works with you on steps you can take. Her tips are carefully formulated -- I suppose because she has been through a journey herself. - Stefanie, DE

Imagine what life would look like...

  • Discovering freedom from calorie counting and body checking

  • Listening to your cravings and intuition

  • Trusting your internal hunger cues

  • Eating without anxiety or guilt

  • Feeling at peace with your body and mind

  • Getting back your period, restoring your weight, hormonal, metabolic and mental/physical health.

  • Creating meaning and purpose beyond the eating disorder

  • Aligning your life with your values

  • Reintegrating gentle movement and normalising your relationship with exercise

  • Nourishing your body and your mind

  • Focusing on the things that truly matter in your life!

By signing up, you can expect to make steady progress towards...

  • Improved relationship with food and your body, giving you a sense of control over your life

  • Greater self-awareness and self-acceptance, leading to increased confidence and emotional stability

  • Reduced anxiety and stress around mealtimes and food choices, helping you to feel more relaxed and at ease in social situations

  • Improved physical health and well-being, leading to a greater sense of vitality and overall well-being

  • Enhanced relationship with your body and food, free of fears and rules, allowing for greater food freedom and intuitive eating

  • Increased hopefulness as you navigate this oftentimes isolating and overwhelming journey, during which you feel heard and understood

  • A sense of empowerment and self-acceptance, helping you to develop a more positive and fulfilling outlook on life

Hanne has been a god-sent. She listens and understands me in a way no previous treatments and therapists have, without allowing this to let the eating disorder prosper. Because she has been through it herself, she knows what to look out for and she doesn't allow the eating disorder to make the decisions. ​ The perfect support and accountability I needed! - Sarah, FR

Recovery coaching includes...

  • Weekly specialised coaching calls with Hanne, with weekly goals, reflections, assignments and guidance

  • Unlimited between-sessions support via WhatsApp

  • Step-by-step recovery approach 100% tailored to you

  • Recovery approach based in evidence-based cognitive-behavioural and nutritional therapy techniques

  • Unlimited sessions where we celebrate your wins, navigate your challenges, and set realistic goals

  • Meal planning guidelines, mindfulness exercises, cognitive rewiring tools, and other invaluable resources to inspire, empower, educate, and help you build a sustainable foundation for long-term healing and success

eating disorder recovery


Everyone's recovery journey looks different, and the support will be 100% personalized to your unique needs

eating disorder recovery


Recovery is challenging, and coaching provides you with expert guidance and support, from someone who has been where you are today

eating disorder recovery


I will be there to there to help you stay on track, to encourage you when you're struggling, and to celebrate your successes with you!

eating disorder recovery


You will have a safe, non-judgemental space in which to explore your experiences, always met with compassion, understanding, and support

eating disorder recovery


Unlike in therapy or when doing recovery alone, coaching provides you with someone to turn to whenever needed

eating disorder recovery


If you have spent hours Googling and guessing, trying and failing, coaching can provide you with evidence-based approaches to recover for good

Hanne is an intelligent woman who has provided me with new perspectives and insights into my eating disorder thoughts and behaviors. She is respectful, to the point, and genuinely considers individual circumstances and needs. I recommend working with Hanne one-on-one to anyone who struggles with limiting beliefs and behaviors around food. - Eva, NL

I believe I would not have been able to be super comfortable with food as I am now (especially peanuts, nuts, bread and nut butters ) without the help of Hanne! Many thanks to this dear helpful lady! - Angela, USA

I really like the flexibility and the individualised nature of Hanne's coaching. Each week is adapted to my needs and I feel that I can get maximum potential out of each session. - Anonymous, AU

I’ve had therapists and psychologists before, which did help with some issues and concerns I have. However, ever since I transitioned to the weekly 1-1 recovery coaching, I have felt a significant difference in my recovery journey. Hanne has not only been able to provide support, advice and encouragement, but she has also been able to reflect and relate to various aspects and areas of ED recovery on a deeper and more personal level.


She is extremely quick in listening and attending to various concerns and thoughts. I’ve been able to make steps towards facing fear foods, and social and emotional/mental challenges and have made steady positive progress. This has allowed me to find more enjoyment and excitement in eating, being more flexible with plans and routines and taking myself out of my comfort zone, facing challenges head-on!


Hanne encourages you to look at all the positive areas in the rough road to recovery and is an extremely supportive coach who motivates me through all the hurdles and difficulties I’ve experienced. She also reminds me of the importance of reflection, journalling and ‘pushing through’ the discomfort at times, as an essential process for me to achieve my goals in recovery and my future life, happiness and health!  

Furthermore, prior to having the recovery coaching calls, I purchased Hanne’s 21-Day Recovery program. Throughout the course, I learned many valuable, helpful and important areas in ED recovery. The skills regarding challenging automatic negative thoughts were particularly useful for me. I find the negative voices and thoughts to be one of the hardest things to overcome in recovery, and the practical information and advice from the program have made it easier and more manageable for me to do. Another area was the section regarding weight gain and hunger, as it’s a huge trigger point for me. Understanding and accepting the need to gain weight, the complications of refeeding syndrome, and the physical and mental changes and necessities that occur during this process and period of time, made me feel more reassured and determined to continue my recovery journey.


Overall, I found 1-1 recovery coaching with the addition of the 21-Day program to be extremely beneficial and helpful for me in my recovery journey and I  am looking forward to continuing this journey with Hanne’s help and guidance. My parents have also been equally impressed with the information and guidance provided, and have been able to learn and understand a lot more about the recovery process from an Eating Disorder. I would have no hesitation in recommending this to anyone who is considering it! - S.H., SG

I was struggling to hold myself accountable to truly challenge the eating disorder, admit I needed help and embark on my recovery journey. Hanne has been so understanding from square 1 and understands and empathises more than others around me. She has helped reframe and change my mindset, encourage me, hold me accountable to challenge myself, all allowing me to progress in the right direction. My family have noticed how much better I am at handling certain situations and are proud for actually having some food they (and I) thought I would never have again. Thank you Hanne! - Catriona, UK

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