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8-Week Group Program

Imagine what life would be like..

  • Discovering freedom from calorie counting and body checking

  • Listening to your cravings and intuition

  • Trusting your internal hunger cues

  • Eating without anxiety or guilt

  • Feeling at peace with your body and mind

  • Getting back your period, restoring your weight, hormonal, metabolic and mental/physical health.

  • Creating meaning and purpose beyond the eating disorder

  • Aligning your life with your values

  • Reintegrating gentle movement and normalising your relationship with exercise

  • Nourishing your body and your mind

  • Focusing on the things that truly matter in your life!

The 8-Week program includes...

  • 8 very intensive weeks worth of recovery content to support and guide you through any roadblocks in your recovery (including 62 sections!)

  • Reflections, exercises, and quizzes after each topic to teach you invaluable recovery skills

  • A combination of written and video content, with helpful handouts and exercises to teach you how to approach recovery step by step, and to put your learning into action

  • Case examples of individuals I have worked with in the past

  • Section summaries and downloadable PDF files

  • Recovery tools and techniques based on evidence

  • BONUS discounts on 1:1 coaching and additional support

  • Lifetime access to the private portal where you can find all the lessons, tools, and handouts

  • + Access to the private group recovery community for daily posts, community, and question-response

  • + Individual and group coaching sessions for maximal support, with four biweekly Q&A calls to attend LIVE (or watch the playback recordings)

  • One 25-minute one-on-one Individual Assessment with me, where we'll review what to expect for the next 8 weeks, and where we'll establish your personal goals and set up your online resources

  • + BONUS Recipe Database & Recovery Meal Support Guide to keep you on track with your recovery nutrition (including meal planning tips, templates and journalling and other tools)

Week 1: Leaving the Comfort Zone

Discover the dangers of the eating disorder, diet culture and quasi recovery, and learn more about the ABC framework to eating disorder recovery.

What you will learn

  • How to start your recovery from an eating disorder, step-by-step, for sustainable and lasting results

  • How to break through limiting beliefs

  • How to challenge disordered thoughts

  • How to build self-efficacy and maintain motivation

  • What you need to know and do for physical and mental recovery

  • How to restore hunger and fulness cues and speed up your metabolism

  • How to break free from food obsession and guilt

  • How to restore your hormones and your weight

  • How to build a balanced plate and eat for mental, physical and hormonal health

  • How to overcome fear foods and food rules

  • How to overcome body checking and build badass body image

  • How to create your own healthy coping toolbox

  • How to find value, identity and meaning beyond the eating disorder

  • How to create your own fail-proof eating disorder recovery relapse prevention plan

Eating disorder recovery coaching and online program

This program is for you if

  • You are ready and motivated to leave the eating disorder behind!

  • You want a healthy relationship with food and your body

  • You are seeking individualized support to guide you through the journey

  • You are committed to put in the necessary work

  • You want to learn more about achieving a sufficient, regular food routine

  • You want to enjoy your favorite meals, guilt-free

  • You want to expand your horizons beyond a small pool of safe foods, and you want to overcome fear foods and food rules

  • You want to find peace with food and your body once again

  • You want to increase your metabolism, restore your hormones, and reverse the effects of starvation

  • You are ready to stop suppressing your weight

  • You want to eat intuitively again

  • You want to restore your health and start to live fully

This program is NOT for you if...

  • You are unwilling to recover and not open to change

  • You want to lose weight or hold onto a suboptimal weight

  • You are not ready to explore the underlying issues

  • You are not willing or able to put in the necessary work or time to repair your relationship with food

  • Will I be recovered in 8 weeks?
    I wish I had a crystal ball to tell you exactly what your recovery journey will look like and exactly when you will be 100% recovered and ed-free. But unfortunately I do not. Don’t get discouraged if several hurdles remain to be overcome. The Reset & Recovery Program will give you all of the tools you need to recover, so continue consolidating your new skills after the program finishes. I promise that if you consistently implement the changes outlined in the program, and that if you continue to do so over time, you will be able to reach full recovery.
  • How individualized is the program?
    While a good chunk of the work will be done in the online portal and in-group, everyone who enrols in the program immediately gets booked in for a one-on-one assessment, to answer any questions and to determine your unique recovery goals. In addition, you'll be able to reach out daily via private messages throughout the duration of the program, to ask any questions you have, receive guidance on any roadblocks you encounter, and vent about the frustrations that make up part of the journey. ​ You are also able to upgrade to receive weekly discounted 1:1 coaching calls.
  • I'm pretty busy. What time commitment is required for the program?
    I recommend setting aside about 30 minutes to read the weekly course material and another 1–2 hours to implement the changes and do the exercises. There are also biweekly 40-minute calls that I recommend you to join if you can! That's still less than 2% of your week (easily tackled in less than 20 minutes per day), so not much time at all for the tremendous benefits you will gain in return.
  • Can I join any time or are there specific starting dates?
    The next program begins on the first Monday in February (February 5th, 2024), in time to propel you to food freedom right as we kick off the new year! Registration opens on Monday January 22nd and closes on Saturday February 3rd, so you’ll need to sign up before then otherwise you’ll miss out!
  • What dates/times are the group calls scheduled in for?
    The group coaching calls are scheduled in for Monday 6:30pm UK time in week 2 and week 6, and for Monday 6:30am in week 4 and week 8. They are recorded for your convenience in case you miss one, so you can watch the replay at a time that suits you. Group session week 2: February 12, 2024 @ 6:30pm Group session week 4: February 26, 2024 @ 6:30am Group session week 6: Mar 11, 2024 @ 6:30pm Group session week 8: Mar 25, 2024 @ 6:30am Note: depending on the demographic of the group, the times of the sessions could (and are likely to) change and will be polled directly on the group community page. I want to see you all at as many of these as possible!
  • What is the refund policy?
    If you’re wondering whether the program if right for you, I encourage you to contact me with your questions and concerns before enrolling as I do not offer refunds for change of mind.
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