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Hi Warrior, I'm Hanne!

I'm an Eating Disorder Recovery Coach with the ambition of freeing people of diet culture beliefs and behaviours. For good.


I am a Psychology graduate and Certified Mental Health First Aider, with further training in eating disorders, coaching and a range of other mental health domains.

I am also a recovered anorexic. I fully recovered from my eating disorder in 2015 and I’m delighted to now be helping others to do the same! You can find out more about my story by watching My Recovery Story video, or by checking out my story on my blog here.

I published my debut novel, Just Perfect, in December 2014, followed by its sequel, Red Ribbons, in October 2017. I'm currently working on a non-fiction self-help book, and I share more of my experiences and insights through my YouTube channel and blog.


My approach to recovery coaching combines the cognitive behavioural techniques of thought restructuring and questioning automatic beliefs with fear food challenges and intuitive eating practices. In short, it is a recipe for success to attain real and lasting recovery!

Start your own recovery journey too!

Hanne Arts online eating disorder recover coach
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