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Meal Support Guide

Does your day-to-day life consist of...

  • Avoiding food or sticking only to 'safe' options?

  • Inability to make food-related decisions?

  • Planning and obsessing over food?

  • Questioning portion sizes and whether or not you ate too little/too much?

  • Avoiding or limiting certain foods or food groups?

  • Counting calories and checking labels?

  • Bulking up on vegetables and creating very unbalanced plates?

  • Ignoring, suppressing or not understanding your appetite?

  • Scanning supermarket isles without buying anything?

  • Exercising or purging to compensate for eating?

  • Feeling overwhelmed at (and after) meal times?

  • Avoiding social situations involving food?

  • Feeling uncontrollable around food?

  • Relying on strict food rules to get through anxiety?

  • Binge eating on forbidden foods?

If this sounds like you, this guide will support you to...

  • Overcome fear foods

  • Diversify your diet, your gut microbiome, and your options

  • Improve metabolism and digestion

  • Find enjoyment in cooking and discovering new recipes

  • Provide guidance in when, what and how much to eat for health

  • Enhance your relationship with food

  • Improve decision-making capabilities

  • Rediscover trust in yourself and in your body

  • Find balance and variety

  • Normalize eating patterns, and overcome restrict and binge cycles

  • Eliminating restrictive eating behaviors, such as skipping meals and counting calories

  • Re-regulate your hunger-fulness cues

  • Reducing anxiety and shame around food and eating

  • Improving nutritional intake

  • Reducing the importance of and obsession with food in your life

I have been using the meal support guide for the past two weeks and have found it invaluable. I have bought recipe e-books and worked with dieticians in the past, but I love the structure (and simultaneous flexibility) of this approach. It's really helping me view food in a different light while eating enough and finding more joy in this! Thank you! - Josie, NL

What you will learn

  • How to approach your meal plan, step-by-step

  • How to evaluate your thoughts and your meal plan

  • The value of structure as well as variety

  • How-to approach to fear food challenges

  • How to establish a healthy food routine, to restore hunger and fulness cues, and speed up your metabolism

  • How to kickstart your food freedom journey!

The 7-Day Meal Plan includes...

  • A 7-day meal plan, including 20+ of my favorite recipes

  • Reflections, exercises, and journalling prompts to propel your recovery, and enhance accountability and meal plan compliance

  • Lifetime access to the meal plan template, recipes, and tools in PDF format

About this guide

7-day recovery meal plan e-book

Whether you use this e-book simply as a recipe collection or, instead, as a get-your-meals-back-on-track guide, I’m convinced you will find value within its pages, which are filled with meal plan templates, recipes, journalling prompts and everything else you may need on your journey!

This isn’t just a recipe e-book or a meal plan or a generic ‘do this to feel good guide.’ It’s an extension of my own healing journey and my past eating disorders. These are the meals that nourished me daily and helped me to feel my best. The ones that reminded me that there’s no flavor-health trade-offs to be made. The ones that reminded me that food can be fun and sociable and tasty and nourishing. 


This recipe e-book is a tool; it is a means to rediscover your appetite and to build new healthy habits towards your recovered life. Embrace the benefits of its structure without allowing this to keep you stuck. Embrace the flexibility and variety, and notice the love, simplicity, and fun in the combination of ingredients, without allowing this to freak you out. Embrace the recipe for success; don’t allow the eating disorder to take over.

Definitely going to use this in the following weeks as my go-to ”what the heck am I going to eat today” helper. I love how you have also listed all those different snack ideas there: helps with deciding what to eat when there is  no appetite around . Many many thanks! - Ellen, FI

Firstly i want to say that Hanne is one of the nicest persons I know. Every question (and yes i’ve asked a lot) she answers patiently and truly and I may ask everything. She takes time for all the ED warriors and not only for her clients.  Because she answers from her own experience and is realistic, she gives the right tools to go through it all and take steps in your own recovery. With the meal plan support gide she gives me structure and the recipes help me to choose what to eat so there is less ED brain freeze. I would really recommend everyone to buy the guide to have this tool for your recovery.  I really benefit tremendously from your guidance and your own story so I really want to thank you for sharing and being you. - Britt, NL

This guide is for you if

  • You are ready and motivated to leave the eating disorder behind!

  • You are committed to put in the necessary work

  • You want to learn more about achieving a sufficient, regular food routine

  • You need guidance to eat more, and/or to decide on your meals and snacks

  • You want to expand your horizons beyond a small pool of safe foods, and you want to overcome fear foods and food rules

  • You are looking for meal inspiration, and/or a gentle nudge to push you in the right direction towards recovery

  • You want to find peace with food and your body once again

  • You want to increase your metabolism, restore your hormones, and reverse the effects of starvation

  • You are ready to stop suppressing your weight

  • You want to eat intuitively again

  • You want to restore your health and start to live fully

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